Discover 4 Exciting New F1 Strains (+ 2 Bonus)

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Exciting news is brewing at LeavesMarket as we unveil six remarkable newcomers to Seedsman’s already big strains collection, each with its own distinct characteristics and allure. Say hello to their latest additions, including 4 stellar F1 cannabis strains. These newcomers boast top-tier genetics, promising a truly unique experience for every cannabis enthusiast.

What are F1 Strains?

F1 strains refer to the first generation of offspring resulting from the crossbreeding of two distinct parent strains. These hybrids often inherit the best traits from each parent, resulting in unique and desirable characteristics.

Introducing the New F1 Strains:

Banana Biscotti F1 Seedsman

Banana Biscotti F1

Say hello to Banana Biscotti F1, a remarkable strain born from a blend of Strawberry Banana, Honey Boo Boo, Gushers, and Biscotti. This high-yielding beauty thrives in various climates, offering lush vanilla and gas aromas. Expect bountiful outdoor yields and dense, resinous buds indoors, all in just 7-9 weeks.

Purple Oreoz F1 Seedsman

Purple Oreoz F1

Crafted from the beloved Purple Punch and Oreoz, Purple Oreoz F1 is an indica-dominant marvel. Its easy cultivation, vibrant purple hues, and tropical fruit punch flavor make it a grower’s delight. With 9-11 weeks of flowering, prepare for a resinous harvest that delivers potent relaxation.

Cherry Punch F1 Seedsman

Cherry Punch F1

Balancing Boost, Tangelo, and Purple Punch, Cherry Punch F1 offers the best of both sativa and indica worlds. Thriving in warm climates, expect tall plants with abundant harvests. Its fruity aroma and potent punch, coupled with a 28% THC content, promise a euphoric experience.

Gorilla Jealousy F1 Seedsman

Gorilla Jealousy F1

Combining Gorilla Glue and Jealousy, Gorilla Jealousy F1 is a resin-heavy hybrid suited for various conditions. With exceptional mold resistance, this strain yields generously indoors and outdoors, delivering a potent, earthy aroma and a THC content of 24%.

Bonus additions:

Ice Dream Cake Seedsman

Ice Dream Cake

Ice Dream Cake, a cross of Gelato, Vanilla Kush, and Ice Cream Cake, boasts a complex flavor profile of tropical fruits and creamy sweetness. With a THC content of 28%, this indica-dominant hybrid promises potent relaxation and a delightful taste experience.

Pineapple OG Auto Seedsman

Pineapple OG

Crossing Pineapple Express, Pineapple Kush, and Pineapple Muffin, Pineapple OG offers a tropical explosion of flavor. With dense buds and a THC content of 27%, this strain delivers a potent high accompanied by juicy pineapple goodness.

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A small FAQ

Q: How do I choose the right strain for me? A: Consider factors like flavor preferences, growing environment, and desired effects. Experimentation and research can help you find the perfect match.

Q: Can I grow these strains indoors? A: Yes, all of our strains can be grown indoors with proper care and attention to environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and lighting.

Q: Are these strains suitable for beginners? A: While some strains may require more experience due to specific growing conditions or potency levels, many are beginner-friendly with proper research and guidance.

With these latest additions, Seedsman continue to uphold their commitment to excellence in cannabis genetics. Whether you’re seeking robust flavors, potent highs, or easy cultivation, their diverse lineup has something for every enthusiast. Happy growing!

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